Truna foods offer a variety of options such as grilled chicken with Jollof Rice, chicken wings, West African delicacies, Meal deals, Chin-Chin, sandwiches, and Coleslaw. You can order for easy pick-up or local deliveries.

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Mummy Zee Foods founded in 2002 is a family-run takeaway West African Cuisine of more Nigerian origin which started in the heart of Chicago (South-Side). Our unique blend of cooking sauces which includes a special blend from Native Yorubaland in Nigeria and tomatoes to create the base for our sauces continues to warm the hearts of Our African People and the International Community at large.

Our ingredients are specially sourced from reputable companies and imported from Nigeria and West African countries. We take you back to the heart of Motherland and those who have never been can experience the taste right here in Chicago.

Our Popular and authentic dishes include Abula, Orishirishi (Assorted Meat), Ponmo, Moi Moi Olele, Asaro, Ewa Agoyin, and some Nigerian snacks such as Meat-pie, scotch egg, sausage, puff puff, buns, and fish roll. We also have a variety of drinks to keep you glued.

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